Monday Moment: the dark and girly version

By on Jun 18th

Our copyeditor Caroline created a gorgeous moment on and around her vanity. Even the mirror reflection is getting in on the gorgeous pink and black action. I love how she uses so many awesome objects as jewelry holders — a tea cake server, awesome branch thing-y, and pretty coat hooks.

As an added moment bonus, allow me to show you the other side of that reflection…

Caroline's bed area is another gorgeous dark and girly moment unto itself! The textures that all of her different pillows provide just KILLS ME, what with that sparkly black pillow and the flowery grey one. Her shimmery curtain is held open by a pink flower which almost gets out-shined by the (fake!) pink orchids on the window sill. And it's all topped off with those black and pink hanging pomanders.

And THIS has been your Monday Moment lesson in dark yet girly decor. Thanks Caroline.

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