How to make a large L-shaped couch take up less space in a room

By on Jun 27th

My cousins recently moved from California to Texas and their over-sized L-shaped sofa that fit perfectly in their last living room was taking up the ENTIRE living space of their new living room.

Which means this effectively cut off the living room from the rest of the living space.

If passage was difficult for the kids, it was nigh impossible for adults.

Luckily for them my interior decorator mother, Laura, lives near by, and she came over to see what could be done about the situation, without having to buy a new couch.

What was her solution? Though the obvious choice is to follow the squared lines of the home and mirror that with the couch, she had the thought to angle the couch. Yes, the idea of having their couch on an angle didn't sound great at first, but look how much it opens up the living space…

But then that left a problem of there being TOO much open space on the other side of the angled couch. But what they saw as a problem, Laura saw as an opportunity to create a "moment."

Now when someone is cooking, someone else can have a seat in this special corner and keep them company! Perhaps with a glass of wine…

So the lesson here is, if you have a pieces of furniture that seem almost too large for your living space, try angling them and see what happens!

Do YOU have any design quandaries? Maybe you're not sure how to arrange YOUR living room? Perhaps you're not sure what colors will complement your existing bathroom tiles? Let's take advantage of having an interior designer at our fingertips! Contact us with your design questions, make sure to include as many photos (and possibly dimensions) as possible and let's see what she can solve for you!

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