10 ways to get more glitter in your house while still feeling like an adult (sorta)

By on Jun 6th

It's no secret that many of my tastes and aesthetics are outgrowths of the hazy, love-bombed years I spent as a raver in the '90s. There were several years of my life where my pant size was measured in inches of cuff (no less than 30 — PUHLEASE) and when I woke up most mornings afternoons, my eyes were half glued shut with crusted glitter. As I've aged, of course I've grown and matured, but some things never change and my deep love of platform shoes, rainbow, and especially glitter seem to be stuck with me — even as I inch toward 40.

That in mind, I decided I'd dedicate some time to rounding up a collection of my favorite DIY home decor projects that involve thick, crusted, glistening glitter.

Let's start with that image up top — that's a DIY project for how to glitter your fucking floor. People, go big or go home to a glitterless floor. That's what I always say.

But I do have some slightly more subtle options to share as well…

Source: marthastewart.com via A. on Pinterest

So, lemme see if I understand how this works…you find a figurine, you drown it in glue, and then you embalm it in glitter. YES. There's a reason dinosaurs went extinct: GLITTERBOMB.

Source: etsy.com via Jacqueline on Pinterest

Or perhaps you just want to make some small, subtle glitter magnets? Yes, subtle. Gentle glitter.

Source: puglypixel.com via Ariel on Pinterest

Because every cupcake looks better atop a special glittery stand.

I think this would work great for a wee little plant, too.

Even smaller and more subtle: just some glitter on your keys. This key fairly screams, "Come into my sparkling black-walled mirror-balled love den. You'll find me masturbating with this (NSFW LINK!) listening to Scissor Sisters."

Source: ohhappyday.com via Ariel on Pinterest

…Oh yes, and I'm laying beneath my glittery disco ball thinger I made from a paper lantern left over from the wedding. Just leave your glittery DIY shoes by the door!

GLITTERY FLATWEAR. Let's talk about it. Adds a little crunch?

At $200/yard, we're now in the realm of fantasy… because really, who doesn't fantasize about glitter wallpaper? My interior decorator friend Sarah has actually worked with this stuff, and reports "It's little tiny glass beads! I've used this before on a project in a powder room and it was AMAZING! You really need someone who knows what they are doing to cut/hang this stuff and even then, you still can see the seams depending on what color you get." Noted.

Source: nextdirect.com via Ariel on Pinterest

And finally: the glittery toilet seat. Is this just too dang much? Have I taken it too far?

We MOAR SPARKLE! Share your best glittery DIY links in the comments.