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How can we eat on the floor without making our guests feel weird?

By on Jun 11th

Floor tea-parties might work great for you, but how can you make your guests feel comfortable? Tea time © by Mr.Thomas, used under Creative Commons license.

My fiance and I love to eat on the floor. We have a table that we like and we sometimes use it, but we're just more comfortable on the floor.

We recently had a friend over for dinner and it was a little weird for him, so I want to come up with ways to make eating on the floor more comfortable for guests.

I could start by investing in some cushions or mats, but I'd be interested in any other ideas you guys have. -Becky

We're going to open this one up to the brilliance of the Offbeat Homies hive-mind: Other than cushions or mats, what can you do to make eating on the floor feel comfortable… and maybe even a bit posh?

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