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Advice needed: decorating around huge dog kennels

By on Jun 29th

This pink dog crate and Doberman combo just kills me!

My husband and I have two rather large (a pit bull and a bull terrier) and rather old dogs. They have a huge disgusting futon pad on the living room floor they lie on, and drool on, and shed on, and eat dog treats on. And two large kennels against the wall that they lay in. I would like to get rid of both things, but since the dogs are old, they have things like arthritic hips, and one dog really DOES need the kennel because he can't be trusted to not eat things in the house he shouldn't. My husband says the dogs need comfy things to lie on, and as we have laminate floor in the living room, I'll grant him that point.

How on earth do I give the dogs their "comfy spots" without making it look like the living room revolves around pets, not people? -Laurel

Here's my advice, from the mama of two dogs (a pit bull and a small terrier):

Match your home decor
When it comes to decorating around dog stuff, MY go-to is keeping it all within your color scheme. My apartment is all bright oranges, blues, and greens, so I try to purchase dog toys, and beds in corresponding colors. That way when the toys get left about, or when I need to have a pet bed in the living room, they all just blend in, instead of looking messy.

Not all pet beds have to LOOK like pet beds
My big dog Jackson is lounging on oversized, overstuffed decorative pillows in the photo above. These can easily be found for cheap at home design stores.

I love these Meadow Pet Rugs from Wildebeest! They look like funky rugs, AND they can be unzipped for easy washing, and comfy over-stuffing for your older dogs.

Hide your pet bed
Note that my dog Jackson is lounging underneath an existing piece of furniture. Can you tuck your pet beds under a table, maybe lay a long table cloth over it and then your dog can have its own cozy cave, out of sight! Or can you place a pet bed in an unused corner. If you have a large, unsightly crate, drape decorative fabric over it, leaving only the entrance uncovered.

Find a good-looking dog crate
I totally get having to crate your pet while you're away! If you can't retire your large crate, then get one that isn't an eye sore. The one pictured above does double duty as an end table — that means it can be used in your living room or in your bedroom as a bedside table.

Or for a boat load of cash you can find dog crates that look like stand-alone pieces of fancy furniture, like this one from DenHaus ZenHaus.

Those are MY go-to dog decorating tips. What are YOURS?

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