$7 chair makeover: from meh to OMEHGAWD!

By on Jun 5th

Before and AfterYa gotta give it up for Tatum, the Offbeat Homie behind this chair upgrade. She knows good bones when she sees 'em. And what I mean by "good bones" is that this previously ugly chair has some really good style, nice lines, and a unique seat. But all that style was hidden by that dull brown color.

But when most people would have walked right past this $5 chair, Tatum scooped it up and made a huge change for a total of $7!

She grabbed a can of bright red spray paint and went to town. With the addition of a bright and cheery $2 seat cover, this once-dull chair is now display and "wow!"-ready.

As Tatum put it, "quick, easy and awesome!" So the lesson here is, look beyond drab colors when it comes to used furniture. It's amazing what a can of spray paint will do.