How much would you pay for Cincinnati's Mushroom House?

By on May 10th

Photo courtesy Zillow Blog

I'm so glad to identify this house! It's popped up over and over in my Flickr explorations, but never with a good backstory. I'm pretty sure one Flickr user even had it labeled as being in Taiwan! I've finally got some information on this woodsy fairy-lookin' house.

In 1998, architect Terry Brown set out to build his most artful designs into his new house in Ohio. It's full of pounded-metal floors, irregular stained glass windows, and weaving, winding, brightly painted paths and handrails.

Sadly, Brown died in 2008, just ten years after starting his house and only a few years after moving in.

But if you're offbeat house shopping, the house went on the market last month, asking $350,000. I think this house is a good candidate for a lowball bid…

Zillow Blog

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