My cat is dumb and barfs a lot

May 18 |
Oliver and Nelly.
I have a new cat, Oliver. He is a turd. He is like a cat version of one of Zoolander's friends; super pretty and dumb as a rock.

He and I have been negotiating his troublesome eating habits. He often gets so excited about whatever I've just fed him that if I don't sit with him and force him to take digestion breaks every 30 seconds, he just HORFs down food and then HORKs it back up again — which is especially nasty now that I've begun feeding my cats organ meats for some meals. Re-barfed ground-up cow livers. MMMM.

Most of the time, sitting with O is no problem. But some days I do need to leave the house and I don't have time to babysit my idiot cat.

How can I slow down his frenzied eating so I don't have to napkin up so much cat barf?

I look forward to your help. -Scott

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