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This item in your medicine cabinet can make old plastic new again

By on May 1st
London Bridge is falling down

Photo by Joybot. Used under Creative Commons license.

I've been picking up old stereo equipment from the '70s and '80s at garage and estate sales, and I've finally pieced together a pretty nice old-school stereo system. I've been cleaning up the components, but I'm having a hard time with some of the old plastic knobs: they're faded, white, and look super gnarly now that I've dusted and wiped down the rest of the plastic and metal.

Can I paint these knobs with something that will cover them well? -Andy

With the right primer, you can paint anything. But I just saw this tip from Lifehacker on using Vasoline to make old plastic gleam.

Has anyone had other experiences with improving the look of dried-out plastics?

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