The mysterious and energy-focusing, gold-plated pyramid home in Illinois

By on May 2nd

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Weird houses are hard to find in the Midwest — we're all so very practical. Throwing Northern Illinois for a loop, the Onas family built a crazy pyramid-based complex — a pyramid the live in, a giant (64-foot tall!) Ramses II statue, and a MOAT.

If you find yourself driving up the I-94 towards the Illinois-Wisconsin border, you will feel that you have lost your mind and landed straight in the middle of a full-blown mirage around the halfway point.

The exterior is obviously designed to look exactly like an ancient Egyptian pyramid. The gold pyramid house stands 6 stories tall. The 17,000 square-foot roof is made up entirely of stainless steel plates electroplated with gold. It is generally thought to be the largest 24 karat gold plated object ever created. The home also contains a triple-pyramid topped three-car garage,

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a 64 foot-tall and 200-ton statute of Ramesses II, a metal palm tree, and a driveway lined with 80 stone sphinxes. In fact, the replica statute of Ramesses II in Wadsworth, Illinois is larger than the original in Egypt.

There's a LOT more text up on You Live Where — you can read all about why the owners choose to live in such an odd home over there.

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