Day 5 Cooking Challenge report: breakfast tacos, ice cream for lunch, and Samuel L Jackson!

By on May 4th

Today is Day 6 of Offbeat Home's Cooking Challenge, wherein we see if Offbeat Bride's Managing Editor Megan, a complete non-cook who lives off of cereal and frozen meals, can go an entire week preparing her own meals.

Each day, Megan will recount how yesterday's cooking went, and we'll share the next day's recipes prepared by Cat Rocketship (who SWEARS you can afford better food!). Feel free to cook along with Megan, if you'd like!

Day 5 had thrills and chills. The thrills being making yummy food and encountering some strange stuff at dinner time. The chills being that I ate ice cream for lunch. (Get it, cause it's cold? Oh man, I'm tired.)

Breakfast: Scrambled egg tacos

Delicious egg-y taco! #ididit #obhfood

Hole lee guacamole. This was an AMAZING breakfast. I scrambled the avocado with the eggs and then topped it with the yogurt and chives and had myself a merry little breakfast. Yes, it was SO good that, I made the whole recipe, even though Cat stipulated that it was "2 servings," and I ate them BOTH.

So come lunch time I STILL wasn't hungry…

Lunch: Smoked turkey sandwich with paprika mayo ICE CREAM!

After lunch time, I still wasn't hungry. Then around 4pm I was having some stirrings, but I didn't have room enough to eat a turkey sandwich-style lunch. So I, in my infinite wisdom, remembered that I hadn't taken Cat up on her offer of ice cream for dessert last night, it meant that I was OWED ice cream. And even more, that it was a perfectly acceptable lunch!

Check this shit out:

I didn't have ice cream for dessert last night. That means I can have it for lunch, ya? #obhfood

That, my friends, is the most delicious ice cream EVAR. Thankfully my friends Alex and Lisa (remember Alex from my harrowing shopping experience?) left it behind when they finished their visit and I get to eat all the benefits. Thanks guys!

Dinner: Chickpea spinach curry with cucumber-yogurt sauce and rice

All I have to say is that making this meal turned me into the stupid version of Samuel L. Jackson's iPhone commercial:

I ate that dinner so freaking late at night that I haven't even been hungry AT ALL for breakfast today. But I'm looking forward to lunch and dinner. Wanna make 'em with me?

While Megan will do full posts each day, you can see photos and follow her Offbeat Home cooking challenge adventures real-time, too: @meganfinley #obhfood

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