Day 4 Cooking Challenge report: fails abound

By on May 3rd

Today is Day 5 of Offbeat Home's Cooking Challenge, wherein we see if Offbeat Bride's Managing Editor Megan, a complete non-cook who lives off of cereal and frozen meals, can go an entire week preparing her own meals.

Each day, Megan will recount how yesterday's cooking went, and we'll share the next day's recipes prepared by Cat Rocketship (who SWEARS you can afford better food!). Feel free to cook along with Megan, if you'd like!

stupid french toast

I woke up the morning of Day 4 of the Offbeat Home cooking challenge feeling like "hell yeah! I can do this!" I made risotto my bitch yesterday, so I was feeling pretty confident. But risotto has NOTHING on the horrors of French toast. And French toast had nothing on the horrors of a sunny side egg.

Brunch Day 4: French toast and an egg over-easy

I knew that French toast was going to be a problem, since I happen to hate French toast. But, in the spirit of the challenge, I attempted it anyway. But it was just bad. The first piece of bread got too soggy and practically melted when I tried to take it off the pan. The second piece I soaked less than the first and it, at the very least, held its shape! But alas, once again, I re-confirmed my hatred of French toast.

No worries! Cat gave me a side dish of eggs. So I wasn't too defeated, until I realized that it was an egg over-easy. And that didn't go so well either! THAT disaster, I have a video of. Warning: it's slightly NSFW cause of egg-induced cussing…

Snack Day 4: Orange and pear slices with mint and suger

Today's #obhfood snack was SO GOOD! Pear & orange slices topped w sugar & mint.

This was DELICIOUS! Omg, you guys, if you haven't tried this yet, TRY IT. I was dubious, but Cat knows her shit. The combo of the fruit juices and the sugar with the hint of mint was so refreshing right about that time when you're starting to feel the mid-day lull. Seriously, TRY IT!

Dinner Day 4: Macaroni and cheese and baked potato

My macaroni & cheese! Haven't taste it yet tho. Fingers crossed.

That looks like a rockin' mac and cheese, eh? That, my friends, is all macaroni and no cheese. :( It was like eating a pan of flavorless oily noodles lightly adhered together by hints of cheese.

Is there a way to salvage a cheese-less macaroni AFTER you've already baked it, and then re-hearted it? Also, I used sharp white cheddar, which is YUM. But I'm curious to know if anyone has another cheese (or a combination there of) that they swear by for macaroni?

Anyone else have more success on Day 4 than I had? Speaking of successes, here's my score so far:

  • Megan: 6
  • Evil Food: 3

Bring it on, Day 5!

While Megan will do full posts each day, you can see photos and follow her Offbeat Home cooking challenge adventures real-time, too: @meganfinley #obhfood

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