Day 2 Cooking Challenge report: the quiche that ruined my day

By on May 1st

Today is Day 3 of Offbeat Home's Cooking Challenge, wherein we see if Offbeat Bride's Managing Editor Megan, a complete non-cook who lives off of cereal and frozen meals, can go an entire week preparing her own meals.

Each day, Megan will recount how yesterday's cooking went, and we'll share the next day's recipes prepared by Cat Rocketship (who SWEARS you can afford better food!). Feel free to cook along with Megan, if you'd like!

The quiche that killed my spirit

The quiche that almost broke my spirit.

Homies, I have to be honest here and say, I let y'all down, I let Cat down, I let myself down, I let The Empire down… I only cooked ONE meal on my own yesterday. But I did manage to stay away from all packaged foods! I made breakfast, then had a big home-made lunch with friends on their last day in the country, and then, by the time I returned from dropping them off at the airport, it was past 9pm and I was too exhausted to make dinner or even eat.
BUT! I do have reports from Day 1's dinner and Day 2's breakfast.

This is how nerds cook — keeping an eye on the sauce AND Twitter at the same time. Photo by 2people1life

Dinner Day 1: Spaghetti with red sauce and parmesan-roasted broccoli

I'd heard that onions "make you cry," BUT NO: they sting the very core of your eye ball sockets until your eyes submit to its stingy superiority and leak salty offerings to appease the onion god and make the pain stop.

My friend Alex (previously mentioned during my shopping expedition) told me to hold piece of bread on the roof of my mouth. It kind of helped, in that I stopped wanting to die and went on to be barely comfortable.

Seriously, fuck onions.

Anywhoo, the rest of spaghetti time was a success! I made my first NOT-from-a-can red sauce and it was delicious! I even liked the whole wheat spagetti that Cat made me purchase. When I first picked up the package I thought "Aw man, this is gonna taste like cardboard." But no! Barilla's whole wheat spagetti noodles are actually tasty.

My first spagetti with red sauce and broccoli

And my husband, whose diet is even WORSE than mine, even liked it. I felt accomplished after last night.

The next morning was different story…

Breakfast Day 2: Breakfast quiche

I woke up feeling hungry and wanting so badly to just pop in a few pieces of toast and be done with it. But no, I had to make a quiche. I was even excited! I freaking LOVE quiche (quiches?), but not-so-much excited when I realized the first thing I had to do was tango with Mr Onion again. Seriously, fuck onions.

The rest of it went something like this:

After 40 minutes I opened to oven to find this:

Oh no! I don't think it's supposed to rise up out of the crust like that!! #obhfood
I tweeted "Oh no! I don't think it's supposed to rise up out of the crust like that!" And immediately was assured that it was normal and it would settle down.

When it finally settles down and was cool enough for me to it… it was BAD! I was starving enough to originally think, "it's got great, but it doesn't suck." Then two more bites into it I realized, nope, it sucks. Cat suggested maybe it wasn't salty enough — that was true. I thought that it was because I used Swiss cheese, which I normally like, but I feel it didn't taste right in a quiche. Looking back on it later today, I relized, I like fluffy light quiches and this one was DENSE. Anyone have any reason why that was? What I could do to make it fluffier? Less cheese perhaps? More half and half?

By the time I admitted defeat on my quiche from hell, it was time for lunch. Lunch today was a special date I made with my friends Lisa and Alex who made roast beef and yorkshire pudding with green beans and carrots. YUM! And I didn't technically cheat as it wasn't a pre-packaged meal! Still eating healthier here, people. And that's the whole point (aside from Cat trying to mentally break me down).

I'm ready to kick ass on Day 3! Did anyone else cook along with me yesterday? Did anyone else have quiche troubles?

While Megan will do full posts each day, you can see photos and follow her Offbeat Home cooking challenge adventures real-time, too: @meganfinley #obhfood

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