Weekend challenge results: Team Cupcake vs. Team Unicorn

By on May 30th

Last Thursday, we posted the first of what we hope will be many Offbeat Homies Weekend Challenges. We gave readers a choice of two DIY challenges: nerdy cupcakes with sanding sugar, or faux taxidermied unicorn heads.

Team Unicorn

This was definitely the more challenging of the two DIY options, since it takes several days to dry and the tutorial involves a lot of gloop and materials. We tried to compensate for the difficulty by giving readers free-reign (horse/unicorn pun? har har?) to make any animal they wanted. The result? A couple unicorns, a tentacle, and a fucking JACKALOPE.

Let's start with Mich's tentacle!

Action shot

My husband just walked out of the gaming room and into the kitchen
Him "WHAT the fuck is that?"
Me "An octopus tentacle"
Him "But what is it made from?
Me "Paper Mache"
Him "Oh, is that one of your Offbeat Bride things?"
Me "Well, Offbeat Home, but yes"
Him "Ah" [walks back to the gaming room]


Linadee went way above and beyond going for TWO unicorn heads, complete with GLITTER:
Like a Lady, or a Sir!

And look at it sparkle:
side shot

Lojolane should get an award for attempting the BIG ASS UNICORN head. Unfortunately the BIG ASS UNICORN head was too big ass to dry in time.
unicorns and homes 2012 169

Superman (Offbeat Bride's assistant editor) took the whole taxidermy idea and went DIY off-roading, producing this amazing Jackalope:

She's got a full tutorial on how she did it coming up, although I think it's basically going to be like…

  1. Get sculpy
  2. Be really talented
  3. ???

Team Cupcake

Ok, while this may have been the easier of the two options (cake mix + sanding sugar), the nerdy component definitely kicked things up a notch.

Amalaa's amazing Doctor Who cupcakes:


Lily's sweet-ass D&D cupcakes:

Offbeat Bride's contributing DIY editor and the queen of the geeky sanding sugar, Liz, made panda cupcakes (including SAD PANDA):
Panda Cupcakes

Eilonwy's Pistachio Cupcakes with Orange Flower Glaze and Sanding Sugar are retro with a kick:
(Here's her full recipe!)

Rachael definitely wins an award for going for retro nerdy (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!) with bonus pet rat (Splinter!) action!
Master Splinter and the Ninja Turtles
Oh, and she even made a BONUS CUPCAKE!

Amy and Shesaidsvengali BOTH went for X-Man colors for their cupcakes:
OBH Weekend Challenge: X Men Cupcakes


Morgan made Despicable Me cupcakes, although [putting on judge hat] we're not sure we see any sanding sugar, so these may not technically be part of the challenge:
Despicable Me, Minion Cupcakes.

Offbeat Mama's editor, Stephanie, appears to have broken out of her "ugly DIY" trend with this lovely RAINBOW CAKE, covered in sanding sugar:
rainbow checkerboard cake


We should totally do this more often, don't you think!?

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