Vintage modern housewares for people who are classier than me

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We all know that my taste in home decor is sort of like my taste in shoes — loud, immature, and saturated with color.

But sometimes I like to take a walk on the other side of the taste tracks… I like to pretend I'm a more classy lady. Classy Ariel likes to wear ruffles, and headbands, and adorable champagne-colored ballet flats. I look, well, sort of like this lady. In this alternate reality, I'm not allergic to cats, and I share my sun-drenched studio apartment with a tabby named after a painter. We do whimsical things like have tea parties together with old tea sets, and listen to sad music written by people who died of tuberculosis.

And in this fantasyland, my house is filled with stuff like this little typewriter book, or any of the stuff I'm about to show you, all of which my fantasyland friends have given to me for my half-birthday and other such holidays…

Click each photos to learn more…

Caterpillar Glass Vase By Chive

Bike Ride Cork Coaster Set

Avian Friends Pocket Planner

Hodge Podge Paper Clips

Cat's Meow Pet Bowl

Chocolat Fraises Teacup

Be My Guest Sustainable Toothbrush Set

Vino Connoisseur Cocktail Cotton Napkin

Pick Up Sticks Pencil Set

Queens Service Notepad

All this stuff is from, where every day is a vintage-chic fantasy of filtered light and ruffled short dresses.

  1. I love this stuff too. Till I spend the afternoon on Pinterest. Then I get overloaded and get a case of what I call the Cutsie-Willies, and return to the dark side for awhile.

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    • Cutsie-Willies: I smell a new Offbeat Home tag category… :)

      8 agree
  2. I love this stuff but my house isn't allowed to have nice things til we are down a few more pets and the kid is older lol

    1 agrees
    • You mean, THIS is why we can't have nice things??? Aw, maaaaannnn….;)

  3. Part of me hates you for running this post right after I swore off buying anything else (except food) until after I've moved. Which is . . . in four months. : (

    The other part is highly preoccupied with the fact that your alter-ego is apparently incredibly SAD. Don't be sad, Alter-Ariel! Filtered light can be happy, too! (In a wistful sort of way . . .)

    The last part of me is still squeeing.

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  4. Ha! I love Ruche sososo much! The housewares make me drool haha.

  5. My favourite part of that was the awesome green goblet. My tastes are LOUD.

  6. I'd like to live across the street from Ariel and down the hall from Alter-Ariel, with the perfectly adorable piglet on Cute Overload! our whole apartment (Piglet's and mine) would be decorated from Ruche and thrift shops.
    every era and style have their own charms and you are clearly able to appreciate the wonderful in each of them – I so admire that!

  7. You have totally inspired me to make cork coasters with fun designs on them!

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