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Put a tentacle on it: 7 octopodes you need in your home

By on Apr 6th

This week I've seen octopodes making a surge in popularity online, which is totally fine with me, cause I've been a long-time fan of cephalopods. I think every house could benefit from the grace and creepiness of an octopus.

Sucker for Style Print from ModCloth The "Sucker for Style Print" has these tentacled invertebrates drifting across a plank of sustainably harvested cherry wood.

Octopus Dish ClothThis octopus dish towel is squeezing my heart in it's be-tentacled grasp.

Lets Sea Ring HolderYou can trust this octopus to keep hold of ALL your rings.

Count to Tentacle Nautical PillowAdd this accent pillow to your living room or your bedroom. Either way, it'll make a striking statement in black and white and tentacles.

71Ek2njNXOL._SL1000_No better place for octopodes than in your shower, right? Of course, you could always make your own squid shower curtain too!

Maritime Octopus TrayThis octopus tray is super stylish, and super good at holding things.

Octopus Creature CupSurprise your guests with a friendly octopus swimming at the bottom of the tea. (Get it?)

What are YOUR favorite ways of decorating with octopodes?

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