They really say just about anything: readers share their favorite kid quotes

Wait a sec, I have something serious to say. Photo by Stephanie Kaloi.

Kids are notorious for saying all kinds of random shit — the show Kids Say the Darndest Things didn't exist for no reason. My own son had us literally LOLing recently, so I shared what he said on the Offbeat Mama Facebook page:

The other day our three-year-old told us: "When I grow up I'm going to drink wine. When you grow down you can drink juice."

I thought it would be fun to open the topic up for discussion… and here are some of your favorite one or two-liners from your own offspring!

Photo by Ioan Sameli, used under Creative Commons license.
Jessi A.: ‎"If you see a dinosaur, you need to RUN" and when asked why a frog might play dead (in our fish tank) "Because that's his choice and he can do it if he wants to" — both by my four-year-old niece
Karen W.: This morning as my just eight-year-old started asking about how his aunt and uncle were going to go about making a baby, I explained that would be something he'd know a bit later… He said "I still think the baby comes out of your belly button!" I said "Well, they grow in a woman's belly but have to exit through the bottom exit," and he yelled "I CAME OUTTA YOUR FEET???"
That's some righteous bed head. Photo by JM_Photos.
Heather U.: (as I'm getting out of bed in the early AM) my three-year-old says to me…"Woah momma… your hair looks rid-dic-u-wus… your still bee-ti-ful to me though."
Kelly M.: Not my kid, but a cousin: "You know what you see when you look in the mirror? Yourself, in 20 years, when you're a grandmom." I should clarify that the target of the statement doesn't currently have any kids.
Candice L.: My four-year-old told me while we were eating breakfast a month ago: "Mom, I love girls. But, don't worry, my sister will like boys" I laughed so hard. The way she said it, so serious.
Photo by chunkymermaid.
Mich C.: ‎"It's raining hard, I don't want my eyebrows to get wet" — said in a very serious manner by a three-year-old boy.

Let's keep it going! What are your favorite things that have come out of your kiddo's mouth?

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