A Periodic Table of Elements and a Clicky Link overload in this week's reader photos

By on Mar 5th

Hi, Homies! I'm glad to see you today. I picked out these photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool, and I thought maybe we could sit down and look them over together, mmkay?

This is an ACTUAL Periodic Table of Elements. Each pocket has a sample! Source: core77.com via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

bedroom, mabe world smallest?

PinkFriday inhabits a bed nook. God, I love bed nooks. They satisfy my want for cosiness.

My first ever gallery wall….

AnnabelVita attempted her first gallery wall — it turned out great!

My seeds came in the mail today!

Me? My seeds came in the mail last week. Getting them sprouted now!

Speaking of gardening, here's an idea for the small gardeners: use two step stringers to create a tiered planter. whitewatercrafting.com via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Drgnsyr shot this rad garage. Yours? A neighbor's? Who says offbeat has to be urban?

Clicky links: extended edition!

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