This week in Offbeat Home pins: make your own shoes, a magic mountain in Chile, and GLITTER

By on Mar 23rd

Since I am a collector at heart, Pinterest is my favorite. It's somewhere to put all the odds and ends I find for Offbeat Home that are cool, but not big enough to do a whole post about. UNTIL NOW. So I hope you'll enjoy this foray into a whole mess of Offbeat Home's pins.

This week on Pinterest I was into fashion (that never happens!), art (that happens a LOT!) and one very amazing-looking hotel in Chile (it looks like an otherworldly dwarvish mountain home).

But FIRST! Have you seen this huge pallet couch?

I have been scheming schemes ever since I pinned it. That baby would be perfect for my very-long basement den — and since I have the added advantage of a friend who's already built a couch, I think I'm in a good position to become the proud owner of a three-tiered mega entertainment lounger (a 3TIMEL; patent pending).

These futuristic Mercura sunglasses by Joshua Scott look completely non-functional, but I still like them. Imagine the model aged by 40 years, and ruling you as the overlordess of the 2070s. Better, right?

So hot, despite what one commenter on Pinterest calls "the uterine framing".

And shoes. I've been finding crazy amounts of shoe DIYs. Like rainbow glitter shoes from Craft:

Pikachu shoes, kitty cat shoes, slip-on Chucks, and NEON PUMPS.

And I'm super into menswear on ladies, so this photo from Offbeat Bride was a no-brainer:

In art, this Working Dead poster by Taxi Toronto is brilliant:

It glows in the dark! I know you can see that, but I wanted to underscore how cool that is. IT'S AN UNTIRELY DIFFERENT POSTER!

Everything the Good Works Administration puts out is rad,

but I like this one the best so far.

And finally, the spark to the pilot light of my travel imagination, Magic Mountain Lodge in Chile.

The page isn't well translated, so I have a hard time making it all out, exactly.

For a while I thought this was a single-family home, then at some point I was convinced it was somehow built INTO a volcano, but now I realize it's a man-made object, and whatever else it is…it's amazing.

THIS. This is my dream home.

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