Neon: not just for '80s throwbacks any more!

By on Mar 6th

I'll be surprised if you don't find these fluorescent design ideas titillating. I never thought I'd want to live in a world where fluorescent colors are a trend. It sounds like the bad parts of '80s style crawled out of whatever toxic sludge pit they retired to and attached themselves to 2012.

But the more walls and tschotchkies in hot pink and electric blue and peeing-Mountain-Dew yellow I see, the more excited I get.

Seriously. The amount of awesome in this bedroom:

Source: via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Right? It's like a teenager's room — but totally fit for a grown ass person.

If you're looking for an easy injection of neon, in less than an hour, you could do a reupholstery project like these chairs.

!!! That's about all I can type about this! What if this were a front door?

Oh wait, IT CAN BE!

Check this: what about using neon in small punches, like the edges of shelves?

It's also really cool when used as a fuse to set off a dark room. BOOM goes the coffee table.

I'm telling you, when Spray Painting Season (aka spring) comes to Iowa, I'll be experimenting with the construction collection of paints. How about you?

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