Neon: not just for '80s throwbacks any more!

March 6 |

I'll be surprised if you don't find these fluorescent design ideas titillating. I never thought I'd want to live in a world where fluorescent colors are a trend. It sounds like the bad parts of '80s style crawled out of whatever toxic sludge pit they retired to and attached themselves to 2012.

But the more walls and tschotchkies in hot pink and electric blue and peeing-Mountain-Dew yellow I see, the more excited I get.

Seriously. The amount of awesome in this bedroom:

Right? It's like a teenager's room — but totally fit for a grown ass person.

If you're looking for an easy injection of neon, in less than an hour, you could do a reupholstery project like these chairs.

!!! That's about all I can type about this! What if this were a front door?

Oh wait, IT CAN BE!

Check this: what about using neon in small punches, like the edges of shelves?

It's also really cool when used as a fuse to set off a dark room. BOOM goes the coffee table.

I'm telling you, when Spray Painting Season (aka spring) comes to Iowa, I'll be experimenting with the construction collection of paints. How about you?

  1. You can reupholster a chair like those in under an hour? Please give me a tutorial!!!!! :-D

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    • …funny, I think we've got exactly that tutorial scheduled for next week.

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    • I've done it! The best part is that it doesn't actually take much fabric, so you can totally splurge (or find an insane remnant for almost free).

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  2. That last photo is KILLING me. Want want want want want.

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  3. We have a leafy neon green coffee table in our bedroom, and it adds so much punch to the space, and provides great contrast against our white bed frame and pine dressers.

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  4. What I love about the current neon trend (in decor & wearable fashion) is the ease with which it's paired with neutrals & darks. Neon orange with neon green? Totally 80's. Neon orange with beige and neon green with gray? Totally 2012. Love.

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  5. We love neon. We're painting our front door orange this spring. I'd love to make a post for here about it.
    Love that rhino!

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  6. You *must* mean the best parts of the '80s are back, right??

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  7. I am totally in love with acid yellow offset by a nice charcoal grey. Which incidentally is what I'm painting my old/new arborite dressers that my husband and I thrifted.

    I also want to paint my front "doors" that. Namely the veranda storm door (the door inside that one would be white) and then the front door of my house…. like a layer cake of neon.

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  8. I love neon. And our space could really use more color. Problem is we have forest green walls. Maybe the neon green would look nice on just the edges of a book shelf or canvas? What to do…

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    • Go to the nearest paint store and pick up a complement of neon paint chips. Bring them home to see how they look next to the forest green. Depending on your tastes you might decide to compliment with neon green or yellow, or even neon pink. I'm thinking about the colour wheel, red is the opposite of green, pink is sort of red. It could be awesome

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  9. I like the neon shelves idea. But I'm totally sidetracked by "peeing-Mountain-Dew yellow." Is this true? Ew. I wonder if it overlaps with the people who pee pink after eating beets. Now there's an awesome scientific study.

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  10. Sweet Jesus in the morning this whole site is full on porn. I'm about to have full on special grownup time looking at this neon page! Whoever is responsible for this page you are my new best friend! Thanks yet again stumbleupon

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