Daleks on a dinner plate, spring water for your home, and painting quotes on the walls — this week in reader photos

By on Mar 19th

HELLO! Happy Monday! If you visited Offbeat Home on Saturday, you might have seen an odd post on the page — I hit a button I shouldn't have and a Butt Bench draft post went live. OOPS. I'm sorry for the weirdness! Lesson learned.

I know we are all very busy, so I'll waste no time getting right to the photos I want to show you from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool this week.

Kitty cat bandit's afternoon-sun-drenched skull-and-couch nook looks like a pretty rad place to spend a day.

I have conquered my fear of worms

I have conquered my fear of worms. -poppet with a camera, working on her raised beds and hot houses.

Die Post kann kommen !!!!!!!

AHHHHHHH I want to brighten up my black black post box like Mareike Scharmer!

diy dalek plate art

Exterminate your dinner! Dalek drawn on a plate with a porcelain pen. -sakacon

This is just a lovely photo: the dimly lit plants that grow near the spring where Precious Roy gets water for her home.

new room, view two

This is artnoose's new room pre-move in clean up. I don't know if the wall quotation survived.

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