Where can I get truly bad-ass fabric for home projects?

Guestpost by Siouxzi Donnelly on Mar 15th

Y'all remember Siouxzie aka Anditron — she had the very first steampunk wedding on Offbeat Bride, and went viral a couple years ago with her pregnant Deathstar costume. Now she's back to give you the low-down on awesome fabric.

I've been super inspired by some of the DIY projects on Offbeat Home, but I have no idea where to get fabric that would make my home decor crafts really fucking awesome.

When I go to Michael's or other big box fabric stores, it seems like I can never find anything that excites me. It all feels so familiar — I want fabrics that no one has ever seen before!

Any suggestions for great online sources for bad-ass fabric? -Becca

Lorelei's Sheets!

Siouxzie showing off the fabric she designed.

My first quick thought on a basic online fabric store is Distinctive Fabric. They have tons of fun fuzzy freaky and basic fabrics.

Saying that, my absolute favorite fabric places are print-on-demand companies. Fabric on Demand is the company where I created my own fabric for my daughter Lorelei's crib sheets. Check out their gallery of custom fabrics!

Their customer service is fantastic and you can order different types of samples to see both the different types of fabric as well as the the colors of their ink on that fabric. But, they don't have it set up to design and then sell your pattern on their site or buy other people's designs.

This leads me to Spoon Flower, which is a beautiful site where you don't have to be a designer to have cool somewhat-custom designed fabric. You can browse through hundreds of designs. I haven't bought anything here yet, but I'm itching to.

And now, let's get some crowd-sourcing up in this bitch — where do you get YOUR amazing fabrics?