Not your auntie's boring curtains: how about a glittery/retro window dressing solution?


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We are in the middle of making our living room awesome, and we need curtains.

All the curtains I can find are way boring. Where do you guys go for curtains?

I've thought about buying fabric and making my own, but I'd prefer not to. Also, when I say redo, I mean going from a "Hey, this is cheap and we can use it" to a "Hey, this is thoughtfully put together and really shows off the occupants' personalities." Which in this case is retro '60s (him) and anything glittery (me).

So if anybody has any ideas or links to cool curtains, I would love you forever. But since this is the internet I think forever means like a nanosecond…whatever, I would be really grateful. -Christine

Right! Well first off:

I love these. I am not an all-things-shiny sort of girl, but these are nice. They're a sequin stripe curtain in gray from Urban Outfitters.


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Buy a pretty standard fabric panel — I think the chevron stripes lean towards classic. You can tape off every other stripe, then take the thing outside and apply spray adhesive. Dump on the glitter (maybe in an awesome shape?) and…shake it off well before you head back inside.

Okay, these aren't glittery OR retro — but they're completely rad.

Until Dawn curtain, available on Amazon.

You said you're not interested in making curtains, but maybe it would be worth it? Take something shiny, like that swatch at the top of the post, and use it to make a VERY '50s-'60s style drop curtain:

And my last-ditch ideas take a different swing at this:

Because that's just rad. And so's this:

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Twinkle lights layered in between two sheer curtains.

I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Homies, cough up your ideas!

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