All the round but normally non-round things I could find: doors, bathtubs, beds, and moongates

February 15 |

This week's obsession: unusually shaped doors, windows, and other householdery.

On one hand, I think living in a home with round doorways would be soothing. On the other hand, I give myself two days before I trip over the threshold.

Yes, yes I would like to stare out this window and into the garden for quite some time.

Source: Uploaded by user via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Everything would be okay if we could all live in a house like this.

This moongate looks into a ramshackle alley that is, nevertheless, inviting.

Ooooh yeah. That's tickling me in my belly.

Source: via Andy on Pinterest

Here's another moongate, this one looking into the home.

The round window looks BIG. I think it plays tricks on the eyes.

This bed: pain in the ass not worth the hassle, or AMAZINGNESS?

Yep. That's GOOD.

  1. I'd totally put up with the hassle of that bed. YES.
    I like the "Aladdin-shaped" door frames with the tear drop shape. When we make an eart home that is happening. And some curved walls with no corners.

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  2. The furniture seems to use up too much space, but I love the windows and "moongates". Is that your own name, or is that really what they're called?

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    • Apparently actually what they're called — at least, the round garden gates and doors traditional to Chinese gardens.

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  3. Wait… where's the bathtub the title eludes to?

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    • I think she changed it already! I was looking for the tub too :).

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  4. Does anyone else think that the moongate and ramshackle alley look somewhat like the entrance to Diagon Alley behind the Leaky Cauldron?

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  5. I think having a circle entry way to one room in your home would minimize the tripping hazard, but yea, I'd totally trip over it almost immediately. The bed, meh. Looks like too much of a hassle for me, as I tend to need to get up to use the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning. Getting out from under the covers and around a snuggly cat is enough bed-hazard for me. I totally think it's pretty though. Maybe a round crib would be nice? That's what I thought it was at first. Round doors like that brick one to the alleyway make me thing something mysterious and magical is happening in the space beyond, like it's an entry way to a secret place only few have ever been. One last thing: I could totally see the room from the third pic down combined with the Snape office from a previous post. Sooo dreamy!

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  6. You didn't happen to find any round floor grates by any chance, did you?

    When Mr. I and I moved into our place, I noticed that the old owners had left a traffic pylon behind in a bedroom. I lifted it to discover…
    a hole in the floor.

    Somehow during the open house, and the home inspection tour that Mr. I went on, we never moved the pylon. We're not sure what to do about it, as the rest of the hole is original pine flooring.

    The joys of a 160 year old house.

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    • HUH! No, I didn't — but rest assured if I find any, I'll be sharing them. :)

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  7. omg, totally worth the hassle. :)

    I feel so serene after seeing all these circles….

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  8. As an adult, I say no to the bed, but I think it's a kid's bed anyway. As a child, I would have said hell yes! In fact, I kind of want to make my daughter have it. It's like you're sleeping in a stump!

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  9. Moongates = awesome in every way. So easy on the eyes… and yeah, that one with the tree growing up to the skylight? Amazing. I love the idea of living things being an integral part of the house, even though upkeep would be time-consuming.

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  10. I love love love round stuff – it's like this post was written right to me. Thanks! ;)

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