All the round but normally non-round things I could find: doors, bathtubs, beds, and moongates

By on Feb 15th

This week's obsession: unusually shaped doors, windows, and other householdery.

On one hand, I think living in a home with round doorways would be soothing. On the other hand, I give myself two days before I trip over the threshold.

Source: via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Yes, yes I would like to stare out this window and into the garden for quite some time.

Everything would be okay if we could all live in a house like this.

This moongate looks into a ramshackle alley that is, nevertheless, inviting.

Ooooh yeah. That's tickling me in my belly.

Source: via Andy on Pinterest

Here's another moongate, this one looking into the home.

The round window looks BIG. I think it plays tricks on the eyes.

This bed: pain in the ass not worth the hassle, or AMAZINGNESS?

Yep. That's GOOD.

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