A New Zealand dorm gets invaded

Guestpost by Jessica on Feb 22nd

My boyfriend is an RA at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand — we met doing postgrad psychology there.

It was always one of his dreams to be an RA. He signed up this year and the first years move in this weekend. Floor themes used to only consist of RA's sticking up printed posters on doors, but, as it was a competition we decided to lift the game 500%.

Now other floors have lifted their game too! Needless to say, the other staff are very impressed.

This is what happens when two geeks decide to go hard out to win a dorm floor decorating competition: pure epicness!

This took all Sunday afternoon… and evening… and night. I hope the first years coming to University this week appreciate it!

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About Jessica

I am a PhD student and live by myself (with two fishy pets) in a generously sized, offbeat, postgrad apartment on campus. I also work as a Research Assistant, a First Year Psychology Tutor, a wedding photographer, a makeup artist, and a graphic designer/marketer/musician. I enjoy my new-found love for container gardening, geeking out, pub quizzes, cooking, hosting tea parties, and playing my guitar. Ben lives two halls of residence down. He is doing his masters in Psychology, as well, owns at least seven musical instruments, and loves people.