3 quickie ideas for unconventional room dividers

By on Feb 7th

When we lived in a studio apartment, we used an IKEA bookcase to divide our "bedroom" from the…front door area. (In retrospect, maybe putting the bed in front of the door was a poor choice.) BUT! I know how important and useful dividers can be in small spaces. I've got a few simple ideas.

This image is from a party, but oh man. I love it. Big colorful paper, ribbons, or streamers hanging from a high ceiling? Fucking awesome faux wall.

Make a palette garden. One or two side-by-side would be a half-height divider, and you could attach (and reinforce!) several palettes together to create a larger wall. Be sure to fill the palettes AFTER they're in position — those suckers get heavy. Avoid the problem of water drainage by using succulents or air plants.

Source: kootutmurut.com via Lori on Pinterest

So simple! So brilliant! A few pieces of PVC pipe, a 1×10 board, casters, and a few yards of a pretty fabric (even easier: a thrifted sheet or curtain!) and you have something decorative AND functional.

What brilliant room dividers have you seen? Share them below!

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