Hot chocolate on a stick and 9 other hot beverage innovations

By on Jan 26th

First let's talk about the magic that is hot chocolate on a mutha-fuckin' STICK, people. Not since snakes on a plane has a thing on another thing had such a profound impact on me. Can you imagine hosting some friends over for dinner, and handing everyone a cup of steaming hot milk and a STICK OF HOT CHOCOLATE "for a creamy, interactive hot chocolate experience"!? That's how Kristi over at 30 Pounds Of Apples describes these things, which she then goes into detail about how to make.

Inspired by creamy, interactive hot chocolate experience, I'm rounding up a few of my other fantasy hot beverages for y'all to serve up on a cold winter night. Some of these are boozy, some of them are not, but all of them are HOT.

Hot buttered rum from a slow cooker:

Source: via Wona on Pinterest

Apple cider served in apples:

My favorite caffeinated cocktail, BLUEBERRY TEA, which boasts caffeine to jack you up and alcohol to mellow you out, all in an aromatic dreamy package:

Hot chocolate bar, you will be the death of me:

Speaking of hot chocolate, here's some topped with a heart cut from frozen cool whip:

Thin Mint Irish coffee:

Deep red spiced Gluhwein:

Hot toddy, now in a mason jar for added vintage chic-ness:

Source: via Raymond on Pinterest

Homemade chai:

Source: via Jaimi on Pinterest

Any favorite hot drink recipes in the house? SHARE!