6 erotic NSFW artworks that might make you rethink your "no boobs in the foyer" rule

By on Jan 5th

I'd totally put a nude painting in my living room — no hesitation. When it goes beyond the nude, though, I'm not so brave. When art gets erotic, I'm a total whitebread Midwestern girl: I keep sex on the downlow.

My personal hangups aside, I totally dig explicit art at home. It can be inspiring and fun — and really good! I rounded up a few prints you can buy, if your home could be a little more overtly sexual. Oh, and before we go any further, you should know this post is NOT safe for work!

I LOVE the Renaissance-y art of Parisian Jean Pierre Ceytaire, who makes drawings, paintings, and etchings full of angular women pressed up against their partners.

Shop his available prints here, starting around 250 Euro.

Jeff Wack has Mannerist paintings. I love Mannerism, and am happy to see someone taking after this tradition in the 21st Century. It puts exaggeration in all the right places.

See more paintings and inquire about purchases on his website.

Enjoy a little light bondage with Alison Schmidt.

Her prints start at $57.

Deviant Art is a bastion of sexually-explicit art — hetero to homo to anthro to slash.

Reve by Kim Osaka is pretty tame; no one's touching anything but HELLO! There is a clit pretty front and center. Reproductions of this woodblock print start at $20. The line work is really nice — I could look at this piece over and over, and that's what I think's really important in a piece of art for my house.

HELLO SAILOR. Prints of Theodore Gericault's study of the male nude start at $17.

This is a good start, but I'd LOVE to see any erotic art you've got at home — especially any boudoir photos you've got the balls to hang (even if it's on a private wall!)

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