6 erotic NSFW artworks that might make you rethink your "no boobs in the foyer" rule

January 5 |

I'd totally put a nude painting in my living room — no hesitation. When it goes beyond the nude, though, I'm not so brave. When art gets erotic, I'm a total whitebread Midwestern girl: I keep sex on the downlow.

My personal hangups aside, I totally dig explicit art at home. It can be inspiring and fun — and really good! I rounded up a few prints you can buy, if your home could be a little more overtly sexual. Oh, and before we go any further, you should know this post is NOT safe for work!

I LOVE the Renaissance-y art of Parisian Jean Pierre Ceytaire, who makes drawings, paintings, and etchings full of angular women pressed up against their partners.

Shop his available prints here, starting around 250 Euro.

Jeff Wack has Mannerist paintings. I love Mannerism, and am happy to see someone taking after this tradition in the 21st Century. It puts exaggeration in all the right places.

See more paintings and inquire about purchases on his website.

Enjoy a little light bondage with Alison Schmidt.

Her prints start at $57.

Deviant Art is a bastion of sexually-explicit art — hetero to homo to anthro to slash.

Reve by Kim Osaka is pretty tame; no one's touching anything but HELLO! There is a clit pretty front and center. Reproductions of this woodblock print start at $20. The line work is really nice — I could look at this piece over and over, and that's what I think's really important in a piece of art for my house.

HELLO SAILOR. Prints of Theodore Gericault's study of the male nude start at $17.

This is a good start, but I'd LOVE to see any erotic art you've got at home — especially any boudoir photos you've got the balls to hang (even if it's on a private wall!)

  1. Slight obsession with Rafael Lucena… I'd love to have his work in my home!
    If anyone knows how to get prints, pretty please let me know.

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  2. Got the balls to hang…. snicker.

    I love Audrey Kawasaki's girls something awful.

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  3. I have a 36 X 24 of Olivia de Berardinis' "Purrs not Furs". It combines an animal rights sentiment with pin-up so it's purrfect. :)
    It's been in many places in my home but is always in clear view of my son who is totes unfazed by it.

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  4. I LOVE the crimson subjugation one, (not least because you could blag it that it's metaphorical, if you were embarrassed in front of your parents) but it actually starts at $52 not $27.

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      • it's defaulting to canvas prints, which start at $52. if you change the option above it to regular prints, it does start at $27.

        And I think I might be spending some money on a print of it myself. The real dilemma is keep it or give it to friends who would also love it?

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  5. Visitors are already offended by my Modigliani print and fertility statues in the livingroom. Should I kick it up a notch?

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  6. Some of these are REALLY great. I had to do a double take with the second one — "What's so wrong with boobs? OH. Then there's that." Off to check our more on these artists..!

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  7. I used to work with a guy who kept a "boudoir photo" of his wife on his desk at work. There wasn't anything showing, it was just very suggestive. It skeeved me out nonetheless to go to his office and effectively watch her feign orgasm while we talked about work.
    This was a long time ago and I'm a little more relaxed these days but I think it would still be outside my comfort zone.

    I will say this for it though: it kept the conversation short. LOL.

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    • I know every workplace is different, and we're all individual snowflakes who fly where we want, but…
      I really don't think work is an appropriate place for nude artwork. Or at least nude artwork of someone that your fellow employees might meet at the company Christmas party.

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  8. I've been wanting some fertility art in my home but I didn't know where to start looking. Thank you for this!

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  9. Haha, love this post! Since I live in a dorm I can more easily put up explicit stuff and get away with it. I actually have a picture of a nude succubus displaying some nice buttcheek and sidebreast next to my bed. My roommate agrees that it edges the place up a bit. Best part, it was a print from the artist himself I met. Support freelance artists ftw! :)

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  10. My husband & I plan to hang an "erotic" picture of us in our bedroom. It's not too bad- just us embracing… we just happen not to be wearing clothes. You can't "see anything." I also have a picture of my best friend and I when we were modeling for a lingerie company together. No one really knows it's us *snicker* because it's from the neck to the top of our stockings and from the back, but it's hanging on my living room wall, right above my couch. The photographer did a really great job of turning it into an "art print" and I like it, so there it hangs. What was funny was when she came to visit and said," That's a really cool picture… Wait a second… Oh… My… God… That's my ass! Wtf?! You bitch." lol. She let me keep it up. I just feel kind of bad when my parents visit.

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  11. I'm in love with Juarez Machado… who has some pretty spicy art… and also inspired the color theme for the movie Amelie. I especially love his Le Libertin and La fete Continue series.

    Link to his website: http://www.jmachado.com/en

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  12. My fiance's sister and her husband don't pull any punches; the entire upstairs of their house is decorated with classic and modern playboy centerfolds and large, graphic porn pictures. I applaud them for it, but we're not quite there yet. These are great, especially the bondage one. We're also thinking of getting one of my boudior shoot photos enlarged for the bedroom.

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    • I love Luis Royo. I'm not sure I'd hang a print of his in my house though. Maybe one of the more tame ones. I'd be uncomfortable with the more explicit ones hanging in the more public areas of my house (and given we have a studio, it's ALL more public), and I'd have to take it down when my sister visits. She's uncomfortable with nudes. She'd be appalled by erotic art in public. I don't let her choose my art, but it's reasonable, I think, within my social group to not go past non or barely sexual nudes.

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  13. My parents are serious art collectors, and I'd say a good 60 percent of the art in their house is of a naked person or another. For example, they have a Armando Morales painting of bathers similar to this one over their bed. The focal point of the living room (and probable largest dispute between my siblings and myself) is a mixograph of an abstract naked man with a cat and a rooster by Teodulo Romulo. The public bathroom is pretty much a shrine to naked ladies, but they're everywhere. The "no nudes in the foyer" is a new concept to me. Growing up, I thought everyone had naked art in their house. I make it a point to buy naked lady statues for my dad, and in fact got him a nude vase for Christmas.

    My own house is not as naked, but I have this hanging in my living room (picture taken during fireplace renovation). I bought it ten years ago at the Anya Tish Gallery in Houston for about $400. It's a Polish artist whose name I don't remember. I have a really nice drawing of lovers in my bedroom that I picked up in a gallery in Berkeley a dozen years ago. I don't remember the artists' name.

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  14. Most of my friends have done some sort of modeling, with quite a lot of naked, and at my two besties' old apartment there was a WALL OF NAKED in the living room. It was wonderful. I miss that place.

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  15. Now that we have the art, where's the literature? I've been dying to branch out from Anais Nin. But my research was short because the first few I came across (no pun intended… sorry :-) were REALLY mainstream absurdity. Any ideas?

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    • You know, I haven't explored erotic lit…but if you have ideas sent them my way! That might be a good shopping post in the future.

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      • Oh GAWD I would love this post. I pity the prude who stops to take a look at my bookshelf. It looks so stately, but for realz, y'all. Sometimes it's nice to just curl up with a steamy book instead of hunting for porny fanfic online 😉

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        • Hey, you want to share some of your favorites, we'd love to have 'em! I'm completely interested in an erotic lit post, but it's not my bag. I'm more into non-fiction science books. The kind of "stiff" I like is by Mary Roach. Ifyaknowwhatimean.

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        • please do share. I need to steam up my bookshelf but I don't know where to start.

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        • PLEASE please! Just a list of the books YOU have would be a good start. Seriously, all I've got is Anais.

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  16. I love Jack Vettriano. His portraits have a 40's vintage vibe to them. I would love to hang a couple in the bed room but my other half has an objection to art in the bedroom. I have several of his tamer works through out the house

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  17. My husband, a painter, has painted countless nudes of himself over the years. We have a really striking nude of him hanging in the bedroom. We figured that would be the most appropriate place! When I first saw it (when we were merely good friends at the time) I told him it was the sexiest painting I have ever seen!

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    • Oooh! I would LOVE something like that. How drunk would I have to get my husband to get him to sit for a nude sexy portrait? Very drunk.

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      • I draw the nudes of my husband while he's asleep, lol.

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  18. oh! oh, i love the bondage one. of course i do. but also it is just my style of painting.

    we need more art in general. i feel like i would be weird about having naked – much less erotic – art in my house when my folks were around, despite the fact that they have a number of nude art things in their house…

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    • Well you could put all the erotic stuff in your bedroom where they wouldn't see it or just have a couple extra non-erotic paintings to rotate onto the walls when they visit. (Guess the second really only works if they don't make unannounced visits.)

  19. My master bathroom has a few erotic things. 1970's pin-up, a rear-view (although clothed) with the Eiffel Tower suggestively placed between the legs, and a few nude knick-knacks I've picked up along the way (double-ended penis from Rome anyone?) Then of course there's the nice stack of erotic books (novels & art) on the toilet for a quick thumb-through. These are all mine by the way…the hubby is just glad he has a wife who likes "art"!

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  20. The closest thing to erotic art we have is a calender of vintage Heineken pinups (all wearing lingerie or bathing suits) in the downstairs bathroom. I wanted a whole room pinup themed but my husband said he didn't want that. Now I have my own office so I can put whatever I want on the walls. Think I may have to add some something erotic to the walls…

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  21. I LOVE Jaime Ibarra's photos. Many (most of them) are erotic chic photos of very skinny and half naked ladies.
    I'm not sure he sells anything though, I just wanted to show some good NSFW stuff.

    We have some abstract paintings at home and many prints from comic books, some happen to have naked ladies on them. Many of them are postcard in our toilets, so we don't see our visitors' embarrassment!

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