Wouldn't a cookie party be the best way to spend your birthday… ever?

Photo by Helen Jane.

I am so enamored with this post on Offbeat Home today — two-year-old Dottie decided she wanted a cookie party for her birthday. Her parents consented (way to get what you want, lady!) after adding pizza to the menu.

We believe strongly in letting our kids decide what parties they're throwing (I mean, how else would we have ended up with Nora Lea's last birthday theme?) Asking Dottie, "What kind of birthday party do you want to have?" returned the answer, "COOKIE PARTY!" so James and I shrugged and went to work and came up with an assemble-your-own-cookies-and-pizza party concept — which turned out pretty simple. Assembling your own food helps divert attention from food sensitivities and gives guests something to do when conversation slows.

You can see and read more at Offbeat Home and on Helen Jane.

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