You owe me a dollar! A self-improving way to save for big goals.

Guestpost by Erica on Jan 3rd

Erica's a member of the Offbeat Bride Tribe and shared this short, sweet post on peaceful cleaning/fundraising tactics.

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My beloved and I are not the neatest people on earth. We try, and we spend quite a bit of time each week cleaning up our humble little home, but ultimately the place is usually a little messy.

That being said, he has a habit of leaving his shoes smack in the middle of the front door, and I trip over them every day when I get home from work. This shit drives me INSANE.

One day I snapped. I told him every time he leaves his shoes in front of the door he owes me a dollar. The habit persisted, and every dollar he gives me goes straight into our wedding bank.

Five dollars later, he said I have to give HIM a dollar every time I leave a water glass out of place. This seemed fair, and a few more dollars have been put away. The game is slowly expanding to include any dirty dishes left out, all laundry left unfolded, litter boxes left unscooped, and so forth.

The apartment is getting cleaner each day as we fall into the habit of cleaning up after ourselves, and we've already passed our savings goal for the month. I could see this game easily snowballing into a hurtful game of arguing over petty shit, but we approach it with humor and good sportsmanship, so it has been fun.

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