9 ideas to bring fun and comfort back to the dorms

By on Jan 10th

WHOO! SPRING SEMESTER! Time to party hard and go to class and study a lot and…trudge out of your last lab so tired you want to sleep forever…back home to your 10×10 cinderblock den with communal showers…and constant fire alarms. Okay, living in dormitories can get boring — even frustrating. I'm thinking back on those days and pulling out the cozy ways my roommate and I made our dorm a fun place to relax, even when schedules got tough: after she pulled another all-nighter at the hotel front desk or when I got done with my soul-crushing, puppy-killing job.

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Ohhhh I love this. Needed: one adjustable shower rod. One set cheapo fabric shades. White cardstock for stars. Tape or safety pins. Instant homework nest.

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This is from a story of a team of suitemates who made do with taped-up decor. Get the right tape and you won't do ANY damage.

Never underestimate the ability of hanging poofs to brighten a space. My wedding swore by it.

We got pets:

Gecko in a Cup

Okay, so The Handbook said pets were a no. Still, we got permission from the RA to have two little geckoes — they're cheap to keep (eating a few crickets every couple weeks) and the dorm staff was okay with having them on board since they wouldn't be able to survive, were they to escape. Friley Hall got damn, damn cold.

If you can't swing lizards, try bettas:

Eles não deixam o Tesouro em paz…

Ours felt like a part of the family.

Bunting love!

Hoo! Boy! I would have done this in a heartbeat, had I thought of it. I love cozy little nests.

Smells go a long way towards making a space feel good again.

Money's tight in dorms, and art costs money. Print some photos (or gather up saved ones — or even torn-out pages from Nat Geo) and make your own frames. Hanging them up will make a space feel VERY yours.

Last, add just a touch of awesome by switching out hardware:

Just remember to stash the originals somewhere safe!

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