6 ways to use keys as decor

By on Jan 3rd
I recently started going to auctions and this time brought home a big basket full of vintage and not-so-old keys. I love the look of them and would like to do something more creative than display them in a bowl. Most of the ideas I've found are crafts to do with little kids.

It will take a few years to grow any craft-aged kids, so what can I do now that will reinvent these keys? -Sarah

They're so hard to pass up, right? They're like, charged with symbolism. To get you going, here are six crafts you can make with your stash of keys.

1: Make art

Source: designspongeonline.com via Natalie Jean on Pinterest

All keys!

You can also add paint:

Source: decorhacks.com via Agnes on Pinterest

As always, I recommend Rustoleum Ultra Cover for any spray painting needs. Remember to prime!

2: Jewelry

Get a length of ball chain and TA DA! Instant accessory. Here are some other ideas:

Source: etsy.com via Aimée on Pinterest

To make a key ring you'd need a metal roll of some sort, but for all I know you have one. Or have access to a tool library or metal studio.

3: Door chimes

String up a few keys — and maybe some other trinkets — and hang the bunch from a door knob to make noise when the door opens.

4: Hardware

Use them as drawer pulls or even a brooch. JB Weld would take care of attaching the keys to fixin's.

5: Bottle stoppers

Source: google.com via Carol on Pinterest

You can buy readymade corks at many craft outlets or even hardware stores. Use hot glue or epoxy and BLAM: keyed-up bottle stopper.

6: Jab 'em into pumpkins

I'm honestly just a little confused by this, but it might spark something for you!

Okay guys, you're up: How would you focus your key-collecting energies?

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