Use your wedding decorations for double-duty Christmas decor

By on Dec 2nd

There are any number of ways you could resuse your offbeat wedding stuff on your offbeat Christmas set up. We have a few ideas to use your RSVP cards, those ubiquitous mason jars, and more — thanks to Offbeat Bride's DIY editor Jess for her help!

Here are three thoughts on ways to use wedding decor as Christmas fancyness:

1. My wedding used handmade crepe paper flowers — which would be lovely ornaments, too.

2. Paint a snowscape on some of those mason jars. Just grab a paint pen and draw wintery things on the outside of the glass, like trees, snowflakes and snow drifts. Drop a tea light in and watch as your upgraded mason jars throw awesome shadows on the walls!

3. 3D forest cards are as straightforward as they look. Cut tree shapes out of two RSVP cards at a time, then slice down toward the middle on one, up toward the middle on the other. Slide them into each other and stand them on a flat surface; keep them away from open flame (duh).

Get to decorating, Homies! If you come up with a brilliant thought, I want to hear about it.