Let's hold hands and dream of finding these sparkly things in our stockings

By on Dec 2nd

Thangka earrings $213, inspired by Tibetan flame motifs.

Oh, you probably already know Gemvara, right? They're a longtime sponsor of the Offbeat Empire, and you might have seen posts about them on Offbeat Bride or Offbeat Mama in months past. They love the Empire, and we love them — it's sort of sweet digital mutual masturbation.

But enough talk of metaphorical dirtiness. Today? Right here? Right now? I'm here to dig through their Holiday gift guide to find some of my favorite goodies that I think Homies might adore. I'mma focus on their more affordable stuff, because if I know anything about my Homies, I know that y'all dream big, but shop small. Let's do this thing.

Non-circular rings are so fetch. Two together ring, $203

Letter A pendant, $103. Of course, Gemvara has allll the letters.

The Sterling silver Desert band, $150, looks like wind-shaped rocks — and I love a thick band.

Sweet! Petite! Makes me go awww inside. The Forget Me Knot ring, $98

If none of these pieces quite line up with what you're envisioning to give to a beloved, you could always consider a Gemvara gift card as a last minute gift option. Then you let the recipient customize their own custom jewelry, cuz everyone loves being the specialist sparkling snowflake!

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