What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

By on Nov 22nd

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Offbeat Home reader Kyle wants to pick our brains about the things we do at Thanksgiving to force our families to interact in meaningful ways. Or maybe just force us to interact — my family Thanksgivings often include a lot of napping.

My husband and I just recently moved closer to our families and we were thinking it would be fun to start some new traditions at our now expanded Thanksgiving table. What sort of quirky, offbeat Thanksgiving traditions do you have?

While we were living overseas, we started a tradition with our friends: Talk goes around the table and each person shares their first world problems. Silly stuff like, "Well this year I didn't get a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's and now I have to wait until March for another chance." The sillier and more aggrandized the better. We helped each other remember that even though our jobs and being so far away from home may stress us out, we still have the good life — but without it turning into sappy sermons about what we're thankful for.

Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, hopefully you'll find our reader's answers helpful at some momentous occasion — and I'm sure you you've got traditions of your own to share!

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