Vintage snack: Shag carpets in a kaleidoscope of colors and a range of furriness.

By on Nov 18th

Ah, 1949-1985. A time when the carpet industry raked in the benefits of new polymers and a spendy populace. A time when it became vogue to cover floors — and sometimes walls — in long, luxurious carpet. Let's look back in wonder at the days of the shag rug.

This image from a 1975 issue of Better Homes & Gardens is almost a parody of the shag carpet trend. Look at the LENGTH of it! I'd be afraid I'd lose something in there.

Patterned shag carpet, not only on the floor but also on the wall! And is that chair in the foreground made of Muppet?

I like to imagine this woman just woke up from a nightmare in which her carpet was something other than pink shag.

And speaking of pink shag nightmares:

I know I've always wanted an all-shag-including-the-ceiling bathroom.

Now, in shag's defense, there's stuff like this Anthropologie rug out there:

And the carpet in our house is a short shag that's…not pretty, but really nice to lay on and easy to ignore. It's not all bad.

You've seen the evidence; let's put it to a vote. Shag carpet: yea or nay?

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