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Your cube is your castle: TONS of non-standard desk decor without a cliche in sight

By on Nov 8th
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Photo by CJ Underwood. Used under Creative Commons license.

Sarah popped on Google+ and made a request:

Wanted: ideas for cheap and easy cubicle decor.

Already considered:

Do not want:

  • Anything that smells
  • or makes noise
  • or blinks

Oh honey, I can help! You've gotta find stuff that's interesting to look at, lets your mind take a little break, and — I presume — won't offend. I divided these finds into three easy categories for you:

For the wall

In the category of posters-that-aren't-Successories, I like The Oatmeal's When to Use a Semicolon.

Another handy one would be Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling. I still can't spell definitely on the first try.

This print is called "Man-O-War" and Bryan Keith Lanier made it.

For the desk

Maybe you would want to add a plant if it came in this rad planter we talked about last week.

Work with your hands a little by printing out a sheet of papercraft. You can find a ton of patterns at Cubeecraft. Me? I'm eyeing Marcelene from Adventure Time.

Plants are a no? Grow something that's prettier anyway with a magic garden from Schylling Toys. They are a little fragile, so place it on a stable table, but if they aren't jostled the little crystal scene can last months.

For color and kawaii, how about vinyl toys?

They come in every flavor from Batman to The Simpsons to anime to obscure Japanese monsters.

This pewtery skull would def. be on my Cube Christmas List.

Electric Garden Charging Station in White

Okay, this is NOT a charger. It's a box covered in fake grass. Perfect — that means you can use it for whatever you want! Use it to hold charging phones — great. Use it to hold mail — perfect. It'll make your desk feel more inviting whatever you do with it.

For the floor

Going to Seed Mini Trash Can

Fact: if you have a strawberry for a trash can, all trash it consumes becomes adorable.

There's no place like Door/Floor mat

I know that some of you are fine with claiming your workpod as Home. I am. Own it with this rug.

Owl Clean Bath Mat
Owls have been clinically proven to make you feel like you're working in a fairytale woodland.

So, what are the best ways you've made your cube feel more YOU and less beige?