Six gothy, hippie, neo-classical ceiling alternatives for when you need something not-white to stare at

By on Oct 25th

Remember the brick-ceiling Spanish apartment of Clarisse, her partner, and a friend?

I've been thinking about ceilings a lot because sometimes, when I can't sleep, I stare at the one in my bedroom and wish there was something interesting up there. This is what I've found in my research of alternatives to the rough plaster ceiling.

Crafty Homies, get on this: arrange old embroidery hoops with interesting fabrics.



Okay, I'm ALL ABOUT this drapey beachy ceiling dressing.

torture ceiling

Curbed recently highlighted a real estate listing, noting the "torture chamber-style" ceilings. I think that's a little too far.

Okay, so it's a whole room of eggshell deepest black, but it's SO HOT GOTH IT HURTS!

Mmmmmmm, tin paneling. It's super expensive now — I've seen one of those square feet marked for $300 at salvage shops — but there ARE plastic knock-offs which, with a little paint-love, could glam up the top of a room.

What are your favorite ceiling decorating ideas? Photos and links, please!

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