How to get costumes for cheap-as-free

By on Oct 7th

Bruce Wayne has nothing on this kid.

Photo via Banjo Brown. Used under Creative Commons license.

Tomorrow is National Costume Swap Day!

…Which I had never heard of before this year, but isn't it a brilliant idea? People around the world organize swaps and bring in totes of clothes, masks, wigs, shoes, and paint, and also "shop" for their own costume goods.

Just sitting here thinking — without even entering my closets — I can think of loads of things to swap. A sombrero. A creepy frog mask. Shoes. A unitard. Several wigs that range from hot pink to deep auburn. And I'm totally unprepared for any of my costumes this year, so this Costume Swap thing is sounding like a really good idea.

If you're interested in putting one on, Green Halloween has tips. Or, you know, just make a quickie Facebook invite and see who can come over for a stitch and bitch/beer-drinking session this weekend and get your swap on.

Photo by I Stole the TV. Used under Creative Commons license.

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