Non-permenant home security for apartment-dwellers

By on Oct 26th

Willie asks:


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I had one of those spooky nights last week — one where I had too many scary thoughts and every noise was a serial killer or a monster coming for me.

Irrational fears aside, it made me realize I haven't taken any security precautions in my flat. I've lived here for a while, but whatever I do still needs to be non-permanent.

What can I do to keep my mind calm and my body safe?

Apartments are weird, right? You're one cubby hole in a whole lot of cubby holes, but that doesn't make you any safer, does it? I mean, it might if you know ALL your neighbors and your building is like one big commune — which can happen — but that never happened in my rental experience.

Our first apartment was a duuump. Bad part of town, next to bad people, and I woke up to cops at the door more than once. I got peace of mind from a little stick-on door alarm like this one.

It also has wireless window alarms. Made me feel good to know it was set when I was there alone, and I felt better about leaving our apartment behind each morning.

What else should Willie know, Homies? What have you learned about keeping your rental safer? Check out Heather and Stilleto's comments for brief primers on home security.

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