Un-bedside tables for book storage

By on Oct 28th

Dear Offbeat Home,

My name is Cat. I have a problem.

I cannot stop buying books. I also do not take much time to read books. I have a pile of more than a dozen in-progress books.

I have to believe that if I kept my books in an easy-to-access and organized manner, I'd give them more love. Right now my bedside table is an upended suitcase — a failed attempt to turn it into a cat bed. No storage, and not pretty. To solve my problem, I've been fantasy shopping for an un-bedside table. As I see it, here are my options.

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This drum is the best bedside table ever. So boho. Number one on my list. I am absolutely on the hunt for a drum!

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Step ladder! Easy enough to find, and has three tiers of shelving for a lamp, books, a glass of water, my very sexy mouth guard

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The electric fireplace may not be the best idea for this pyro-phobe's bedroom. But it's damn cute.

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I LOVE this one — it would be an easy bedside table to build.

This is an IKEA HELMER, but I thought it was a filing cabinet at first — which would also totally work. Filing cabinets are a dime a dozen at thrift shops. Lots of storage!

This wall-mounted "table" from Maze International tickles my desire for a-place-for-everything-and-everything-in-its-place.

Suitcase, suitcase, suitcase, mirror.

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I could also ditch the table all together and go with a bedside pocket. Not great for bigger hardcovers, but good for little paperbacks.

Do you have a bedside table you love? SHARE! Or an idea for another un-bedside table I should consider? SHARE! I need to solve this problem so I can move forward with my life.

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