Housekeeping realization: put your toiletries in baskets to keep your bathroom organized

By on Oct 17th

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Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to have things figured out? Or maybe you ARE one of those people and sometimes the rest of us make you go, "What is WRONG with you? This is so EASY."

I ask because my housemate Darby and I — we're very similar — seem to be constantly figuring out really simple things, like what people use baskets for. Sometimes we feel like our brains just don't work, especially when it comes to putting things away.

Because of this, we admire our friend Dani's organization. Darby once told me she sometimes stands in Dani's bathroom, marveling at how tidy it all is. A place for everything, and everything in its place. She was searching for the difference between her own bathroom's disaster state and Dani's crazy neatness when Dani told her, "Darby. You can do that, too. Just buy some baskets."

Darby's mind exploded. BASKETS!! Why didn't I think of that!

And my confession is: I'd had the same conversation with Dani.

So now this is household shorthand. When Darby and I have a stupid-simple lifehack ("Use CONTAINERS to CONTAIN things!" "If you PICK UP SHIT then things WON'T BE MESSY!") we say it's a Baskets Moment. As in, "Oh, baskets!" It's made my life lots easier to be able to share Baskets Moment with her — but think how much more I could learn with the whole Internet telling me what I should already know!

I know there are people out there who understood what I meant when I said I was long confused by how my shove-everything-in-the-cupboards style didn't compare to Dani's Container Store showroom — so this is the place to write up the dirt-simple realizations you've had about keeping house. We'll be so much smarter after this!

What are YOUR Basket Moment realizations?

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