Rad door ideas that go beyond bright colors

By on Sep 6th
Pink and yellow

Photo by Stephen Heron.

Your door is an easy place to fly your freak flag. Every home has one. A door is small and relatively easy to alter — but also at the front of your house. Spice it up and your neighbors may just be titillated and not flat-out grumpy.

Let's take freaking-up doors somewhere beyond painting your portal a lime green — as cool as bright doors look, I think we can push the boundaries of unusual doors here on Offbeat Home.
Today, for your viewing pleasure, I offer these damn spicy doors. They aren't just bright — they're gardens, sculptures, instructions, and handmade details on a home.

All photos used under Creative Commons license.

Front door crafted by Dick

This is a hand-wrought door and it's mighty impressive. Photo by ktylerconk.


Want a green door? What if you plastered it with succulents and a support matrix? This one's at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Photo by ksnitz.

Front door of 59 Rue de Rivoli

Get a few tubes of paint and make the door Parisian. Photo by Stefon Leijon.

valentine door

I kind of like the idea that this door gets repainted every month and that this is the color for February. I do not think this is the case, but I will cling to the idea anyway. Photo by Kait Jarbeau.

The Public, West Bromwich - Welcome to The Public Entrance Free

Our house has two doors and they cause confusion. I like the idea of a really big, clear, modern sign like this one. Photo by Elliot Brown.

door of our polling station

This idea's for inside the doorway, and this photo is of a polling place in the UK, but STILL: what if I added a heavy red curtain just inside the front door? It would be so mysterious. Photo by Hans Splinter.

Our door

A chalkboard door! Good for dorms or apartments or condos. Chalkboard might be hard to slide past an HOA, but if you have a glossy door already you may be able to use a dry-erase marker on it. Jess says you can also buy chalkboard contact paper. Photo by Christine Warner.

Back Door

And here: a bright yellow door for your time. Photo by gkdavie.

You know what I really want to see? A really good glitter door.

I've been enamored with glitter in the home ever since reading about The Crafty Chica's endeavor to glitter up her studio floor. But think of what the world is missing without a great, high-glitter door! At the very least, think of a nice, scripty address written in glitter on your door. I guess my challenge is this: make a glitter door and share.

Have you done a door project? Do share!

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