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Our corner has noisy, dangerous traffic. What can I do to change it?

By on Sep 7th

HOMIES! It's my turn to ask your advice.

Dangerous corner Clandon

Photo by satguru. Used under Creative Commons license.

The tl;dr version: I live on a dangerous noisy corner and I want to change that.

The long version: We live at the end of a busy artery in our neighborhood. Not busy enough to have stoplights — more like this is the two lane street many people take to get from the north end to the south end of our whole part of town. There are just four stop signs over quite a few miles, so drivers get going pretty fast. Like, the first night we looked at houses on this street we named it "Dick Street" after how all the drivers acted.

By, "we live at the end of the road," I mean, "past our house there is just one choice: turn right." The street does not continue. Drivers can turn right onto another street, and that's it. Combine that with most drivers' speed and the fact that there is very little signage — and nothing ON the corner itself — and it's a dangerous, noisy place.

Drivers turning off our road often have accidents; I've seen six in less than a year. Sometimes they rear-end a driver who's slowed down, sometimes they miss the turn because of ice or intoxication or texting (I've seen all three) and careen through the intersection and into the school across the way. Drivers turning onto our road have just completed the climb up a mondo-steep hill and are happy to rev their engines at all hours of the day. I've mostly gotten used to it, but a couple times a day there is a dickbag who refuses to repair his muffler and also insists on accelerating at the fastest possible speed up the rest of the hill.

Solutions I've considered:

  • Lobbying the city council for a new stop sign — either on our corner or further back on our street, hoping to slow traffic a bit.
  • Mounting a street art-inspired campaign for change — using the corner's light poles to hang signs with passive-aggressive messages about noise and safety. (My dream? Do like this guy and make my own completely real-looking street sign.)
  • Standing on the corner and shouting like a crazy woman when a jerk drives by — which is what happens when I'm mowing my lawn. Let me tell you, I don't think I'm reaching anybody.
  • Gathering my neighbors for a meeting — For what purpose? I'm not sure. Possibly just further brainstorming.

This is why I'm turning to you guys; I know you must have some advice on how to proceed with dickish traffic.

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