Your next vacation is to China’s World of Warcraft theme park

By on Aug 5th

Prepare yourself: memorize the map. Photos courtesy Shanghaiist.

Gamers, start saving now: China has opened a completely unauthorized Starcraft and World of Warcraft-ripping theme park. Intrepid reporters from Shanghaiist visited and came back with buku photos of the statues, signs, and rides.

The dwarves welcome you!

Now, the rides are located within a larger theme park: World Joyland. "Terrain of Magic" (WoW world) and "Universe of Starship" (Starcraft land) are filled with huger-than-huge statues which seem pretty carefully created. Let's voyeur!

This is a completely unlicensed park and it still cost $30 million to build. Were Blizzard to bring it to your country, would you plan a trip?

Read the entire trip report from Shanghaiist and start planning your getaway to magical Joyland.

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