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What new homeowners must have as they launch a fresh life

By on Aug 19th

YEAH IT IS! Photo by CJ Sorg. Used under Creative Commons license.

Betsy needs help!

The situation: My man and I just purchased our first home: an adorable 1928 brick midwestern dream that needs a little TLC. This is our first home, and the first place we've lived since selling all of the stuff we owned that wouldn't fit into a 1998 Plymouth Breeze with us and our dog, Frank. Which means we need A LOT OF STUFF! We're getting married in a few months, which presents the perfect opportunity for people to buy us this stuff.

We've never lived in a non-apartment setting before, so we don't have any "home-ownery" stuff like hoses and ladders, nor do we have an "fixy" stuff like tools. We have small stuff like kitchen appliances and utensils because they could fit in the Breeze, and close contact with dog hair for 18 hours wouldn't ruin them.

The question: What would you suggest we register for? Knowing our guests, we're looking for things in the $25-$150 range.

I can help! Mah man and I moved into our house almost a year ago. Before that, we'd ditched a lot of our stuff so we could squeeze into a studio apartment, so we've gone through the holy-crap-we-need-to-buy-all-the-things period.

This was helpful in our new home ownership:

  1. We waited to buy the goods until we were in. This gave us a chance to see what we really needed, what we could do without, and most importantly: what we could get from friends or family who were upgrading or had extras.
  2. We were used to moving to new apartments every couple of years, and being poor. So we had bought crappy, low-quality junk, mostly. When we bought a house we realized it was time to start buying quality stuff: metal, well-made, more expensive in the short-term but much less expensive than buying over and over again.

I've made a list of goodies we needed, and linked to some that we've liked or coveted at Rockethaus. I'd also recommend you find a good local hardware store (Ace and TrueValue count!) and get familiar with their inventory. Print out this list and take it along!

In the meantime, Amazon will help you be sure of what you're looking for.




Some odder stuff:

  • A fire safe, and/or a safety deposit box for your deed! (!!!)
  • If your house came with filters — a reverse osmosis built-in, or one in a fridge — you can look for replacement filters and ask for those!
  • Curtains!
  • House numbers
  • Welcome mats!

Okay, so that wasn't a brief list — print it from here if you need to take it with.

And Homies, what else does a new homeowner need?

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