Buy a rough and rumble cowboy town on the edge of the wilderness

By on Aug 26th

Scenic, SD by Jan DirkventWout. Courtesy Google Maps.

We've had our eye on offbeat real estate porn for a couple months now, but this is the first instance I've seen of an entire town getting a listing.

Scenic, South Dakota is on the map west of the Badlands and in a very isolated part of the US. It's hot in the summers there, cold in the winters, and you're a long way from anything.

According to Neatorama, nine people currently live in Scenic, but one family owns the entire 12 acres it sits on. Included with your $799,000 purchase will be a post office, a saloon, and two stores.

Longhorn Saloon, by pmatula. Photo courtesy Google Maps.

It may be the buttcrack of nowhere, but the Badlands are one of my favorite places on earth. It would be hard not to like something about living on the edge of this wild, otherworldly landscape.

Photo by Jan DirkventWout. Courtesy Google Maps.

So, who's buying this and turning it into the Offbeat equivalent of Marfa, TX?

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