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I’m a fat woman interested in living small. What do I need to know?

By on Aug 31st

Tight squeeze?
Photo by Terry Bone. Used under Creative Commons license.

Ducky writes in:

I love your posts about tiny spaces and tiny homes and I dream of someday having a tiny place of my very own. As a self-identified fat woman, though, I wonder if that would be a comfortable situation.

During a recent discussion about RVing, a friend asked me if I thought I would be comfortable in such tight spaces (especially the bathroom) and, honestly, I'm not sure if I'd be cozy or cramped.

Are there any fatties in tiny spaces that I could take some inspiration from? Any special considerations?

My first thought? Look for an RV or outdoor living expo in your town and get thee to the exhibition! Even if they don't have the awesome, cute, retro models most people dream about, there should be a good range of vehicles out there you can get on up in. Plus! You can ask any other questions you may have while you're there.

What have you got, Homies? Who has experience and advice in this area?

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