Anna's Painted Shoes bring you custom art shoes with very chill graphics and way hot ideas

By on Aug 26th

I just fell in love with our new sponsor Anna's Painted Shoes.

How could I not? Anna Fleischer started painting shoes in high school: she and a friend had a same-pair-of-shoes fashion oops, so Anna customized both pairs. It sparked a fad in her class, and she kept going.

It's been five years and now she's painting special edition shoes for Vans, MILO, a shoe gallery, and hundreds — thousands? — of customers around the world.

Anna has delicious indie illustrations — Hi, I'm Cat and I'm an illustrator when I'm not blogging or watching TV — and Anna draws typewriters, earthworms, matching momma-baby garden shoes, and these shoes look custom-made and awesome.

If you want to work with Anna to get a cool pair of new shoes, you can get in touch and y'all will talk things over.

If you have no idea what you want, Anna's practiced at asking good questions so the two of you can decide on fresh art that's meaningful to you. Or just looks kickass.

Anybody else think these would make the most amazing Offbeat Groom shoes evar?

See loads of older shoes Anna's made, or browse more of Anna's current shoes (and learn what else she can work on), and when you're ready, find out more about ordering a pair for yourself.

Am I the only one who'd almost rather display these than wear them?

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