A colorful bathroom makeover with a chemistry theme

Guestpost by Jeanne on Jul 19th


When we moved in, the bathroom walls were pure white. My boyfriend found a periodic table shower curtain to brighten things up, and as math/science geeks it fit our style perfectly.

I realized that the size of the walls would allow for an extension of the periodic table design from the curtain. The two longer walls would get the d-block and p-block, and the s-block fit perfectly on the narrow wall beside the door.

A cat who measures

The first step was creating the grid with painter's tape. I was able to keep the ratio of width to height almost the same as the blocks on the curtain.

Leveling the painter's tape

As I measured each row and column, I used a level to make sure that the tape was straight before pressing it down completely.

Framing the d-block

Framing the p-block and s-block

Keeping the width and height of each block constant around the entire bathroom meant that the hydrogen element would wrap around onto the ceiling. This ended up being a fun feature of the design!

Painting the d-block and s-block

To prep for painting, we washed the blocks with TSP to remove dirt and dull the gloss of the paint. Every fixture and the floor were covered, taped, or otherwise protected from any stray paint drips.

Final p-block wall

Next, we painted! The actual painting was the quickest part of the entire process, and probably the most fun. We followed the exact same color pattern of blocks from the shower curtain.

S-block wall

P-block bathroom wall

D-block bathroom wall

Once the paint had dried, we carefully removed the painter's tape. It turned out that the edges of the blocks were slightly ragged instead of being straight. Our walls are textured, so the painter's tape had not been completely flush with the wall in the tiny crevices. Though this was not the desired outcome, I think the edges look even better this way!